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Mohamed Magdi

Mohamed Magdi


About Me

Mohamed has worked in the retail industry for more than 11 years, with his combination of Values, Strengths, and Passion he built an entrepreneurial spirit that helped him to turn up several businesses positively to grow and expand in different regions. Mohamed has managed international reputable brands from US, Canada, Spain, Turkey, and Japan across 12 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, GCC and Caucasus regions. gaining the experience in different aspects of the business such as brand management, Operation, Buying, Merchandising, Logistics and Marketing.Mohamed is passionate about improving, enhancing, and making a difference in other people’s lives and he has decided to do that through his own business. as he believes that business owners and anyone own any kind of resources should contribute, improve, help, and give back to the society.

Mohamed believes that nothing more highly rewarding than social solidarity by helping others to have better quality of life as everyone deserve that. To put his vision into reality and live his mission he decided to Give and share all of his expertise, efforts, ideas, passion, strengths and values to start his journey in entrepreneurship and founded Qumersa LLC in 2021 to make a significant impact in the E-commerce sector by helping others reach financial freedom and build for them a solid E-Commerce businesses that can be their main source of income using the ( Done for you) approach, as he would like to make a new business model introduced for the first time in the middle east region  that allows people to focus on the main mission and purpose of your existence in this life and enjoy the life you want rather than just striving their whole life to only make a living.

Expertise & Skills

Planning and organizational skills
Persuasion and sales
Problem solving and creativity
Business development
Teamwork and Connector


Bachelor of science, faculty of commerce, Major: Foreign trade

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