We will build
your Amazon business for you

Our service is designed especially for you! We do all the work for you to get your business up and running while you focus on what you love!


Starting Your E-commerce Business has never been easier!

We are offering the easiest way to start an E-commerce business that runs on autopilot with the leading E-Commerce retailers in the world (Amazon). Our done for you approach makes a piece of mind for our clients to make money online and passive income with little efforts. Whether you are new to e-commerce or not, With our team of experts, Qumersa will help you stand out and drive results. Our team is made up of successful flourishing talents in E-commerce and brand-side experts. They combine their knowledge, proven marketing fundamentals and years of expertise to create a unique approach that delivers results. we are building for you a store in amazon UAE with a great assortment of profitable and winning products and manage your account to achieve the maximum sales and profits.

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Simply you invest, we do the entire work for you, and you literally just see the revenue goes into your bank account every month.

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Amazon Done for you Service includes the following:

1. Account Opening Assistance

Amazon account opening will be the first and significant step for starting your Amazon business .Now, you can depend on our Team while opening your Amazon seller account. We will provide assistance through the whole process of Amazon account opening U.A.E.

2. Hunting And Selecting Profitaple Products

We will assist you Launch your private label of wholesale business on Amazon through product hunting and selecting beneficial products that gives you good sales with high profit using clear set of plans so you get the desired results.

3. Product Sourcing, Supplier Selection And Negotiation

Are you looking for dependable Amazon sourcing services? Product sourcing is simply the act of purchasing products for your business. Qumersa Team will increase the success of your business by offering you negotiating, and dealing with manufacturers and suppliers in a professional way.

4. Handling, Shipping And Warehouse Logistics

As a third-party logistics provider, we take the time to prepare all your shipment-related tasks and overlook all of the steps taken for Amazon Product transporting and manage the warehouse logistics via our most experienced logistic experts at Qumersa.
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We have all you need to start your E-commerce business like a Pro! Using the "DONE FOR YOU" approach to build, manage and scale your E-commerce business.

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5. Shipping To Amazon​

We also present you with our assistance in shipping products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers that takes further steps and gets your products to your customers at a lower cost.

6. Product Listing And Content Writing

With our team’s expertise, we can help you write the best content for your product, increasing visits to your listing and gaining more sales. We optimize and monitor your listings and deliver high-quality listings that will attract potential customers.

7. Logo designs and packaging

Our Team offers you the right type of packaging designs that will suit your product, leaving a great impact on customers’ expectations. We will let u experience the most unique and most memorable logo designs that will stay in a potential customer’s mind despite other brands.

8. Product launching and ranking management

We allow your product to be Top ranked product by managing it through PPC campaigns while keeping your budget in line.







1.1M +


9. PPC campaigns management ​

Our product ranking service will rank your listing on the first page which helps produce sales of your product because if not taken care of it, can leave a bad effect on your sales per day. Our team of experts will develop effective and cost-efficient campaigns that will help you maximize your sales on Amazon.

10. Listing optimization

Qumersa Team also provides a listing optimization service by using goal-oriented keywords that will help your listing boost up and rank on the top of the first page.


11. Inventory Managment

We help you arrange your inventory in the correct order, make shipment plans, manage the prices of the products, etc.

12. Account Managment

No time to manage your account? We offer you dedicated account manager who will be responsible for ensuring that all the tasks of your account are managed properly.

Unique Selling Proposition of Qumersa

We at Qumersa provide Value to the customers, with not only the best affordable prices in the market but also by providing the below mentioned services free of cost for a lifetime!

Free Lifetime Shipping from China & Restocking

Free Lifetime Warehousing and storage

Finance Advices

Cost to postponing monetary choices out helpless ones.

Finance Advices

Cost to postponing monetary choices out helpless ones.

13. Customer service and cases management

Experts at Qumersa will take care of your account in the most efficient ways. Be it opening cases with Amazon for queries if any, handling and replying to buyer’s messages, handling Invoices for buyers ,etc.

Our Amazon done for you Service in 3 steps…


  • 01

    Vision to plan

  • 02

    Plan to build

  • 03

    Built to grow

Vision To Plan

Every successful vision needs simplicity and flexibility … That’s what we provide in our services… We provide you with a clear plan with very simple steps, to help you to succeed in your business without risks or obstacles.

In the planning stage we focus on:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
Plan to Build

Any plan needs a clear goal, in order to be able to achieve your goal, you must take simple steps, steps that can be reviewed and monitored to ensure that you are on the right path… At Qumersa, we follow steps that help us build safe, flexible, and risk-free trade and investment.

In the building stage we focus on: 

  • Clear goal.
  • Simplicity.
  • Flexibility.
  • Decreasing risk.
Built to Grow

Building on clear standards and plans, conducive to business growth and stability. Be assured that if you plan, and build steadily and strongly, your business will grow and your profits will be doubled every second of every day!

In the Growing stage we focus on:

  • Continuity.
  • Stability.
  • Review.
  • Improvement.
  • Development.