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The easiest way to start your own E-COMMERCE BUSNIESS without quitting your job.

Marketing Research

We offers plan and assemble managing for you from startups.

Marketing Research

We offers plan and assemble managing for you from startups.

Business Analysis

We offers plan and assemble managing for you from startups.

We approach your review with a profound arrangement

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1- Account Opening 

Building your Amazon business from scratch

Opening an Amazon account is the first step to start selling on Amazon, in order to be eligible to sell, you have to be a resident or living in a country that is allowed to sell on Amazon.

2- Product Hunting 

Good product means good sales … Hunting a good product gets you more profit.

Amazon Product Hunting is all about analyzing current market trends to choose winning and positive rating products with high demand and low competition in the market. which generates high sales!

3- Product Sourcing

The more carefully you search.. the more you choose the best

We Select suppliers, negotiate, evaluate, and compare prices, quantity, shipping price, place private labels, product quality, and the speed of supplier communication and professionalism. This service is designed to support and protect your products.

4- Shipping and Logistics

Simplified Shipping… Always Safe … Never sorry!

We Handle, arrange, consolidate, and ship the products from China to UAE Warehouse, simply and safely.

5- Product Listing

Listing’s conversion Improvement generates more sales! 

We improve your listing’s conversion by enhancing or changing the listing’s product detail pages, creating keyword-indexed compelling copies, and adding related images that perfectly complement the targeted descriptions, which improves search visibility, click-through rate & conversion rate, and generates more sales!

6- Warehousing

Keeping everything organized in one place can save money and boost productivity.
Warehousing is important for the businesses that import, export, transport, and manufacture goods. Having a central location for Clients’ products gives us control over their products and helps us ensure that our customers receive their orders on time. Keeping everything organized in one place can also save our money and boost our productivity. 

Warehousing enables you to store, ship, and distribute your goods from one single location. And makes it easy to track and manage your inventory efficiently.

7- Shipping to Amazon

Save Your Time, Save Money, Make It Simple

At this stage, we do local transportation from our warehouse to Amazon’s warehouse.

8- Product Launching & Ranking 

Launching and ranking safely and effectively

We launch your product the right way and use effective marketing techniques such as creating pay-per-click (PPC) ads and giving giveaways to increase sales, ratings, as well as improve our search engine ranking.

We use all techniques that are supported with safety measures, to protect your content from hijackers and counterfeiters in the Amazon Marketplace.

With us in charge, you can look forward to a well-planned, safe, and executed launch that gets positive feedback from your customers.

9- Account Management 

Managing your account has never been easier.

Now, We monitor and manage your account for price adjustments, inventory control, competitor analysis, respond to reviews and seller feedback, communicate or book new appointments with Amazon, make coupons and discounts, and extract business assistance reports.

We’re in business to help people improve their quality of life and achieve financial freedom by sharing our experience, achievement, and success with them. Simply, we are passionate about Giving, Helping, and improving so what we have done for us we will do it for you.


We offer the best features for you.

We center around the subtleties.
We help secure expenses.
We remain fixed on expanding income.


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Our Full Amazon Account Management Service in 3 steps…


  • 01

    Vision to plan

  • 02

    Plan to build

  • 03

    Built to grow

Vision To Plan

Every successful vision needs simplicity and flexibility … That’s what we provide in our services… We provide you with a clear plan with very simple steps, to help you to succeed in your business without risks or obstacles.

In the planning stage we focus on:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
Plan to Build

Any plan needs a clear goal, in order to be able to achieve your goal, you must take simple steps, steps that can be reviewed and monitored to ensure that you are on the right path… At Qumersa, we follow steps that help us build safe, flexible, and risk-free trade and investment.

In the building stage we focus on: 

  • Clear goal.
  • Simplicity.
  • Flexibility.
  • Decreasing risk.
Built to Grow

Building on clear standards and plans, conducive to business growth and stability. Be assured that if you plan, and build steadily and strongly, your business will grow and your profits will be doubled every second of every day!

In the Growing stage we focus on:

  • Continuity.
  • Stability.
  • Review.
  • Improvement.
  • Development.
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